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Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable Honoring Haiti
After going ashore in New Orleans following an injury at sea, Haitian sailor Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable made his way north to avoid being captured as a slave. He established himself as an accomplished trader, and then built the first permanent home in an area around Lake Michigan called Eschikagou. This trading post was later renamed Chicago. In 1968 Du Sable was officially declared the Founder of Chicago and a stamp with his image was issued for the 150th birthday of the city. As Haiti recovers from the devastating losses caused by the earthquake, we hope you will take a moment to realize the impact this small island nation has had in so many places around the world.
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Happy Valentine's Day!   Music for You and Your Valentine’s Day Dance Partner
Don't forget about Valentine's Day! If you’re stumped for ideas this February 14th why not try dancing the night away? Smithsonian Folkways makes it easy for you to serenade your date with romantic music from around the world, including Russian and Appalachian love songs. Feeling adventurous? Try learning some dance steps to Brazilian music or even the tango. Let the Smithsonian put a romantic swing in your step.

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Elvis at 21 The Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Elvis at 21 is on view now at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. These photographs by Alfred Wertheimer give us a glimpse of the highly scrutinized star at a time in his life when he could still sit alone at a drugstore lunch counter. Browse the 40 remarkable prints of a young man from Tennessee about to become the American icon that we all know today. Not in L.A.? Elvis is touring the country in 2010. Click for a schedule.

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Graphic Masters III
Often considered a more intimate form of expression than painting or sculpture, drawings on paper can reveal spontaneity and experimentation. Now through August 8 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum are 28 pieces from the 1960s through the 1990s, all created on paper. Get a view of rarely seen works from such artists as Patricia Tobacco Forrester, Claes Oldenburg, and more.

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Women and Spirit Currently on display at the Smithsonian Ripley International Center are rare artifacts and photographs from more than 400 Catholic communities that explore the role of Catholic sisters in America. These sisters entered the world of work earlier than most women as teachers, nurses, and social workers. They also established educational institutions that benefit many American communities.

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  Seafood Market
  How well do you know fillets of mahi mahi and rainbow trout? Think you can sniff out the smelt? Test your ability to identify seafood species in this online fish market. In the process, learn about why eating certain seafood types are good for the environment while others are not. Click with caution – you may come away with some hunger pangs – but also some tasty recipes.

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